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Water Cooled Liquid Chillers

○ Refrigerant options as  R134a or R407C.

○ Electrostatically powder painted steel construction.

○ Designed to work in indoor conditions.

○ Semi-hermetic screw compressors with high energy efficiency.

○ Part-winding or star-delta type compressor start-up .

○ Slide valve operated  stepless capacity control feature.

○ From %25-100 capacity control range for each compressor.

○ Up to four refrigerating circuit ( Four semi hermetic compressors) .

○ Standard electronically modulated expansion valve application.

○ Victaulic type Shell&Tube evaporators.  

○ Single point power supply connection.

○ Electrical panel compl ying with IEC standards. IP 55 ingress protection.

○ Siemens,Schneider,ABB or  equivelent brand electrical panel components.

○ BMS compatible  PLC system. 

○ Configured for power supply of 400V-3ph-50Hz.

○ Auxiliary power supply of 230V-1ph-50Hz.

○ Control power supply of 24V-1ph-50Hz.

○ Units dispatched as packed with  standard strecth films.

Water Cooled Liquid Chillers

○ Complete bolt & nut assembled frame structure. 

○ Compact load bearing structure.

○ User friendly keyboard with LCD display, integrated to PLC unit. 

○ Alarm history management.

○ Standard compressor suction-discharge pressure & temperature measurements.

○ Standard motor winding temperature & oil pressure measurements.

○ PLC internal superheat management.

○ Standard liquid injection compressor cooling system.

○ Standard electronic expansion valve application.

○ Standard integrated power break switch application.

Water Cooled Liquid Chillers

R407 C:    11 MODEL 

Minimum Cooling Capacity: 138,0 kW *

Maximum Cooling Capacity: 1072,0 kW * 

*Capacities given at 30 ºC condenser water return and 7/12ºC evaporator water regime conditions.

R134 a:    11 MODEL 

Minimum Cooling Capacity: 95,0 kW *

Maximum Cooling Capacity: 736,0 kW * 

*Capacities given at 32 ºC condenser water return and 7/12ºC evaporator water regime conditions.