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Water Cooling Towers with Radial Fans

○ Desined to work with  water cooled liquid chillers and process cooling plants.

○ 16 standard models varying between 85.200-1.704.000 kcal/h capacities.

○ Special design, long lasting PVC filling application.

○ Special design, long lasting PVC seperator application.(Optional zinc coated steel application)

○ Special design, PVC distribution piping system application.(Optional steel piping system application)

○ Special spray water pulverization nozzle application.

○ Low RPM belt & pulley driven double inlet centrifugal type fans.

○ Standard fan safety casing application.(Optional fan chamber application)

○ Standard manhole application for service and cleaning purposes.

○ Standard water level floater application for automatical water feeding.

○ Standard electrostatically powder paint application on upper body.

○ Standard -40ºC / +60ºC resistant EPDM gasket application for water leakage prevention.

○ Standard hot dip galvanized steel structure on water reservoir and chassis.

○ Standard stretch packing on shipment.

Water Cooling Towers with Radial Fans

○ Low sound pressure levels due to low RPM forward curved centrifugal fans.

○ Acquiring same level of water due to standard application of water floater(Brass or stainless steel type.)

○ Easy maintenance and cleaning due to standard application of the manhole.

○ Minimum water leakage through years of operation due to nuts and bolts connections with high and low temperature resistant gasket applicaiton.

○ Rust free operation due to hot dip galvanized water reservoir and powder coated upper body structure.

Water Cooling Towers with Radial Fans

○ Process industrial cooling towers are designed and manufactured as specific project basis.Necessary applications specific to the process is taken into consideration during design period.

○ Water reservoir tanks may be constructed from stainless steel optionally on demand.

○ Fan casings may be constructed from protection chambers.